Luxury Moisturising Handwash

A mild and gentle formulation enriched with soothing chamomile, helping to leave your hands feeling cleansed, moisturised and lightly fragranced.


Luxury Foaming Bath Essence

Enjoy a luxuriously indulgent bathing experience, infused with soothing chamomile  to leave your skin feeling cleansed, nourished and delicately fragranced.


Conditioning Hand & Nail Cream

A specially created light, non greasy and easily absorbed  hand and nail cream, enriched with Shea Butter, which helps to leave your hands feeling moisturised, smooth and nourished.


Luxury Candle

The wax used in our candles is created with pure 100% natural soybeans.  The soy wax is biodegradable and comes from renewable and sustainable resource.  The line woven wick has been specially developed to achieve a superior candle burn time and leave your home with a perfect scent.


Luxury Perfumed Drawer Liners

Six sheets of individually fragranced liners, made from 100% biodegradable paper, which are cellophane wrapped to ensure the longevity of the fragrance.
The exquisite liners infuse your linen and clothes with a gentle fragrance.
Ideal for lining drawers or the top of cupboards, can be used in shoe and storage boxes.

6 sheets